June 4 – 16, 2020
Foundation AVL Mundo, Rotterdam, NL

Duster is a duo exhibition by Clémence de La Tour du Pin (FR) and Anders Dickson (US) who present artworks made during a 6 month residency at Foundation AVL Mundo, which is housed in a villa made by Rotterdam architect Jan van Teeffelen in 1906. They will present a selection of paintings and sculptures. Both of their oeuvres reference and draw from the architecture of the body and its interwoven relationship to the spaces around it. «Duster» is synonymous with the removal of stagnance. This is intended to play with the ambiguous history of the villa located near the industrial harbour of the city and previously used as a brothel, a business and it’s current existence as a temporary home for artists.

Installation view of Duster, duo exhibition with Anders Dickson, Foundation AVL Mundo, Rotterdam, NL
Photo: Franz Müller-Schmidt