Architecture of Tess
Mai 12 – June 18, 2017
1857, Oslo, NO

[Black Pepper Essence from Madagascar and Juniper Berry Essence LMR]

Tess, stone recumbent and sealed, tomb raw to the soil, too hard and too white in the music of saps for any account that this rhythm, a single gust soaring, lay itself on the high plain as its crown

[Angelica essence and Lavender Abs LMR]

One razed and one flattened in order to seat her; one dug very deep to pour down her roots, as though with others she drew her might from the dark. But Tess is built for the metamorphosing not the blooming of saps, for the seizing of light in the Spirit not merely the sun

[Labdanum LMR, Vetiver LMR, Guaiac wood, and Musk]

Once that stone, inert still and shut, shall have sculpted herself from within as a shell, hollowed of halls, evened of terraces, opened of windows, her ordering may well comprise — albeit invisible — the slender spire that rings to the highest of songs

Poem by Patrice de La Tour du Pin, Translated by Eric Angles.

Installation view of Architecture of Tess, 1857, Oslo, NO